During their activities, Andreas Mueller and Philipp Straehl witnessed companies missing a pragmatic, all-round, reality oriented, export approach. Based on this, EBI has been created.

EBI helps participants overcoming obstacles and increasing export revenues.

Its founders have experience in over 83 countries on 4 continents. Their decades of practice allows participants to learn “straight from the horse’s mouth”, avoiding gobbledygook.

Andreas Mueller & Philipp Straehl

Andreas Mueller

After having spent most of his adult live outside Switzerland, Andreas is back in Switzerland.

He was active in the hospitality industry and later in the fast-moving consumer goods industry.

Andreas was in senior export related positions based in Europe, Africa, the Far and the Middle East.

He has and still is building successful export business’ for SME’s in Europe, the USA / Canada, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East.

Andreas is a pragmatic, hands-on doer but understands and values working based on processes, checklists, while keeping one’s eyes at the same time on the bottom line and the longer-term objective.

Philipp Straehl

Philipp equally spent most of his adult life outside Switzerland working for international blue-chip companies. Today he is based in Dubai, UAE.

Philipp has a fast-moving consumer goods background but worked later in the hospitality, industrial machinery, and the IT sector.

Philipp is experienced in the initial set-up of international business and understands the different phases an expanding business goes through.

His strength are in the development and implementation of process and strategy driven approaches.

Today he is a specialist helping SME’s to venture outside Switzerland.